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ID process BEFORE you start your round. Each and every time!

With bonus

Without bonus

On/off lead?

Try to keep the whole team in shot

Remember to be in the right place for each sign

Blurred is no good

 Rounds can be filmed anywhere

How to have a go at  RallyOnline competitions....

Hopefully you’ve found out about the competition dates, classes & levels.

Discovered that you need to register with us BEFORE you enter. You need to have done this  AND have received your ring number plus bonus sign before you can film your entry…..

So, now you’ve got the course, ring number & bonus sign. Found a suitable place to work/train/compete (film)….

Set up your course. Have a practice - and we suggest testing your filming arrangements this time too…. Decide if you are going to attempt the bonus exercise. Watch these short clips to see how to show the judge what you’ve decided re the bonus.

You then need to film your round, with the ID process at the beginning. ALL IN ONE TAKE…no editing at all….

Things to remember….use the correct filming location….X marks the spot on the course plan. The aim has to be to film a judgeable round…. Not too much background noise, shaking, in focus, etc.

Here is an example of a judgeable round (level one).

The current RallyOnline competitions are unlicenced events, and we have limited the numbers to begin with….we are happy to acknowledge that this is a new venture, and we are all learning and finding our way. We don’t want to overload our judges, helpers or competitors - we want everyone to have a great time, enjoy themselves and want to do it again soon.

The point is that entries are accepted on a “first come” basis…which means that it might not  be a good idea to wait almost until entries close….just in case we are oversubscribed.

We welcome constructive criticism and feedback ….we want this new concept to be a success! It will develop as time goes by! Everyone entering the competition will be asked to take part in a survey afterwards. If anyone who doesn’t enter wants to take part in this feedback, then please email us at admin@rallyonline.org

A Judgeable round

ID Process, with bonus

ID Process, with no bonus

If the Judge has any specific instructions e.g. regarding where the lead is placed, clarification on exercise execution .then it will be on the competition page, detailed alongside the round. Do check - as while the entries are open a Judge may decide they wish to issue clarifications ….after the Q&A sessions (the walk through equivalent).

Mentoring and Training

View a demonstration

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