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RallyOnline Diary

                 RallyOnline Events 2018



    Friday June 8th to Friday June  22nd - Unaffiliated Competition Level 1 - 6+

    Friday September 21st  to Friday October 5th - Unaffiliated Competition Level 1 - 6+

    Friday November 16th to Friday November 30th  - Unaffiliated Competition Level 1 - 6+





2017 Photographic Competition

 Our winner is Sofia Gilljam with Knott, from Swansea. Showing a great partnership training in a fun place. Wearing a harness in training is absolutely fine, remembering to swap to a flat collar for competitions…..

2017 Video Competition

Our winner is Susan Bigg with Velo from the Isle of Man. Training exercises for all levels off lead is a fantastic way to train - while remembering to make sure dog and handler are confident with the lead on scenarios for competitions.