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RallyOnline Welcome to RallyOnline

We have Listed Club status with the UK Kennel Club to host Rally Events. This means that we hold Public Liability Insurance, and have commitments about Canine Welfare  and Health & Safety

 How to join in?

1.  Pre-register yourself and your dog for competition

2. Download the course & set it up

3. Have a go & film it

4. Upload your clip to Youtube & complete the entry form

5. Judging takes place as soon as entries close

6. Results announced online & awards arrive in the mail


The RallyOnline Group aims to provide online Rally competitions (as close as possible to KC Rules & Regulations) and training events - open to all, promoting training to improve standards within the sport, available anywhere!

Our aims are to widen the reach of Rally, and encourage more handlers and dogs to get involved.


The benefits are RallyOnline will be available anywhere, not just to those who can attend a club/show. The RallyOnline Group also has the aim of sharing videos to help improve standards in the sport.

The plan is to have regular competitions and a results league…to keep people motivated and involved. Some will be “special” mentoring events where experienced Rally Judges provide feedback. Doing the training is the biggest part of Rally…our motto is “if it ain’t fun, it won’t get done”…

We are currently putting in the work to demonstrate to the  Kennel Club that this competition format will work… with a goal of achieving KC licenced status for Online Rally Competitions! Watch this space for developments. While the RallyOnline Events are currently unaffiliated, they will all be run as if they were licenced…this means that we are using the same standards and regulations.

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        Friday January 12th to Friday January 26th - Unaffiliated Competition Level 1 - 6+

        Friday March 23rd  to Friday April 6th - Unaffiliated Competition Level 1 - 6+

        Friday June 8th to Friday June 22nd - Unaffiliated Competition Level 1 - 6+

        Friday September 21st  to Friday October 5th - Unaffiliated Competition Level 1 - 6+

        Friday November 16th to Friday November 30th  - Unaffiliated Competition Level 1 - 6+

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     Friday January 12th to Friday January 26th 2018

UNAFFILIATED EVENT  - Rally Levels 1 to 6+